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Watch Out For Snakes!

Magic Mushrooms

In the wide, wild world of MST3K, there are not too many instances of people seeing mushrooms talk to them. But that gets thrown out the window once you bring up the movie “Jack Frost.” Why would someone randomly turn into a mushroom? Who the hell knows, but it makes for an interesting few minutes of riffing by my favorite pals on the Satellite of Love. All I can say of this clip is that when the Russians and the Finnish get together, there is some hard core weird ass stuff about to happen. Click to watch Father Mushroom play hide and seek with a very blond and pale weirdo.

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My Amazon Wish List

Here are some random things that have to do with MST3K that are on Amazon, and that I want.

Volume 5: Need this because it contains some great movies. Not only does it have Time Chasers (one of my all time faves and destined to become a classic), it also contains a hidden gem in Boggy Creek II. Apparently, Boggy Creek I was just a little too high brow for The Mads to send up the umbilicus.

Volume 10.2: Simply put, this contains the film Giant Spider Invasion. Go Packers! Woo, Packers won the Super Bowl! Also, Volume 10.2 contains The Giant Gila Monster, whereas Volume 10 contains Godzilla vs. Megalon instead. Just as an FYI for ya’ll.

Lastly, this poster from the movie. MST3K: The Movie poster, would complete my geeky, nerdy life and make me smile whenever I laid mine eyes upon it. If only I could get it signed as well.

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A Not So Short, Short

When talking about MST3K, you must always mention the shorts that they do. These are done for two reasons: 1. They are hilarious. And 2. They are filler for when a movie isn’t long enough to fill up a full hour and a half. The shorts that MST3K have done range from a day on the farm, to learning how to be a better leader and Chevy salesman. My personal favorite is one that almost didn’t see the light of day until it was released in the volume 7 box set. It is called Assignment: Venezuela and is about a man who moves to the country because he works for one of the big oil companies. In this short, he narrates a letter to his family at home about all of the lovely accommodations, the people, the city and how narrow or wide things are. Truly worth your time and a click. Also, if that link doesn’t work for you, it is in three parts on YouTube as well.

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Enjoying Your Man Cave

If you are the type who is very much like an unfrozen neanderthal and you happen to live in a cave, then take a look at these tips to help spice up your cave!

1. Kidnap a father/daughter duo. With this installed, you can even try to awkwardly get your groove on with the daughter while the dad encourages.

2. Don’t forget the food. Everyone loves to eat, so be sure to have the most disgustingly large shank of meat possible for all your visitors.

3. Heat. You don’t want your cave to be drafty, so be sure to light a fire and keep hide blankets available.

4. Watch out for snakes.

5. Never invite singing douche bags over. Trust me, they will try to serenade you, but you will have hanged yourself long before they get to the chorus.

6. Art. Draw some really crappy stuff on your walls that look horrible but are sure to elicit some pity and wonder toward you.

If you follow these simple tips, you are guaranteed to have the best Man Cave that you can have.

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The Many Names of David Ryder

As some know, and most don’t, David Ryder is the name of the main character in the MST3K classic, Space Mutiny. Here, for your enjoyment, are all the names that he is called during the film. Thank you, won’t you. Click here for hilarity.

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You Feeling Lucky?

One of the best surprises when viewing an old movie, especially an MST3K one, is that you never know who you will see. There are many big name stars now that were just making their start in the biz and happened to choose a very bad movie to make that start in. One of the most surprising and unexpected is Clint Eastwood. His first movie was a low budget monster flick called “Revenge of the Creature.” In it, he plays a lab technician, and a very forgetful one at that. He is uncredited, but, as you can see from this clip, it is him in all of his squinty-eyed goodness. Check it out here.

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My Favorite Skit

If there is one thing that MST3K always had going for it, it was the zaniness of the skits that would fill time between the movie. There are literally hundreds to choose from and many are downright hilarious in the way that they were conceived and acted. However, I have to nominate the Sven and Ole joke from The Sword and the Dragon as being one of the funniest things they ever did. Not only does it take four and a half minutes for the joke to actually work, it’s the fact that when it comes together, it is sooo worth it. The joke is done in an Ingmar Bergman-esque fashion, meaning there are many pauses, long pans and it is in black and white. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a sucker for a Sven and Ole joke being from Minnesota, but for whatever reason, this made me fall off my chair with laughter. Click to watch.

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Beach Party!!

Beach party movies are some of the worst that are out there. Luckily, this makes them ripe for skewering. MST3K riffed on one of these movies called “The Horror at Party Beach.” The horror that terrorizes these party beach goers is actually just some seaweed looking creatures and human tissue that has been mutated from radioactive waste. Of course it preys on the buxom ladies that are bathing and partying and singing and dancing the days and nights away. Worst of all, these creatures can’t even stand up to a little bit of sodium, even though they are in salt water to begin with :/. But such are bad movies that they tend not to make sense when you stop to think about them. Anyway, this episode also featured a lovely song about sodium that should really get your toes a tappin’. Click the link to check it out.

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Another one for the newbs

If you are interested in getting someone interested about MST3K, here is another movie that I recommend you let them view, or better yet, view it with them and laugh your ass off as well. Giant Spider Invasion is a combination of cheap horror, Alan Hale Jr., Wisconsin and a giant spider on top of a VW beetle. Throw in an impressively deceptive movie poster and you have yourself a recipe for a really bad movie; but in a good way. Bascially, a meteor falls from the sky and unleashes many spiders in rural Wisconsin. This leads to general disarray and makes the riffing of the film that much better. Of note will be the great Wisconsin and Packer jokes that Mike and the bots throw at the screen. Take a look at the poster below and tell me that you wouldn’t want to watch that thing!

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Hey! Where’d that corpse go?

The Corpse Vanishes, starring (and I use that word loosely) Bela Lugosi, is a horrible trainwreck of a movie that starts off slow, gets slower in the middle, and if you are not dead from boredom by then, somehow manages to not have a climax at all. Essentially, Lugosi plays a scientist (I know, shocker right?) who kills brides on their wedding day by putting some poison on an orchid, then stealing their corpses on the way to the funeral home. He then uses his scientific powers to suck out their youth – handily located in the neck – and then inject it into his bride to keep her looking young and fresh. Turns out that a plucky young reporter is skeptical of this and tracks down Lugosi, exposes him and eventually does something to kill him or something, I don’t know. Anyway, this movie is bad. Period. If you do watch it, be prepared for long silences and very little riffing as well, seeing as this is a first season episode. Also of note for the MST3K viewers are the old Servo and Crow voices. Plus, these have Josh Weinstein as Dr. Forrester’s assistant, and he really can’t hold a candle to TV’s Frank. You have been warned.

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