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New Ventures

So, since MST3K went off the air in 1998, the former cast members have all found various activities to keep them going. For instance, Joel went off to California to write for other series and has even acted in a few other shows. Mike went on to write a few books and the other cast members formed comedy groups, or wrote for other shows or wrote various other books as well. But that love of riffing seems to be ingrained in all of them, because they all went back to doing what they love to do; make fun of bad movies. Joel, along with Trace Beaulieu, Josh Weinstein, Frank Conniff and Mary Jo Pehl, formed Cinematic Titanic and they tour the country riffing on bad movies before a live audience. Mike, along with Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett riff on newer and more famous movies over at Rifftrax.

I can say that I have been to a Cinematic Titanic show and I have seen some of the Rifftrax as well and I like them both. There’s something that is a lot of fun about going to a theater, sitting with a bunch of strangers and laughing at horrible movies. Of course, there is also something to be said about riffing on newer Hollywood megaflicks that most people seem to love, but in fact, really do need to be taken down a notch. If I had to choose between the two, I think I would opt for the Cinematic Titanic show over Rifftrax. But that’s just me. Either way, I still sort of get my MST3K fix, even though the show has been off the air for over ten years now.

Cinematic Titanic

Cinematic Titanic



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Different Voices

Most people know that Tom Servo has had two different people do his voice on the show, with Josh Weinstein as Servo for the KTMA and first season episodes, with Kevin Murphy taking over in season two. But Crow T. Robot also had a voice change. He went from being voiced by Trace Beaulieu from KTMA to season seven, and then was taken over by Bill Corbet to the end of the show’s run. Now, personally, I cannot hear much difference between the Trace Crow and the Bill one, but I had this discussion with my buddy over the weekend and he reckons that Bill’s Crow is better. I think that it comes down more to the movies and riffing being generally better during those last few seasons, but to each his own. What’s your thoughts on this? Can you tell the difference, or do you even care?

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Hey! Where’d that corpse go?

The Corpse Vanishes, starring (and I use that word loosely) Bela Lugosi, is a horrible trainwreck of a movie that starts off slow, gets slower in the middle, and if you are not dead from boredom by then, somehow manages to not have a climax at all. Essentially, Lugosi plays a scientist (I know, shocker right?) who kills brides on their wedding day by putting some poison on an orchid, then stealing their corpses on the way to the funeral home. He then uses his scientific powers to suck out their youth – handily located in the neck – and then inject it into his bride to keep her looking young and fresh. Turns out that a plucky young reporter is skeptical of this and tracks down Lugosi, exposes him and eventually does something to kill him or something, I don’t know. Anyway, this movie is bad. Period. If you do watch it, be prepared for long silences and very little riffing as well, seeing as this is a first season episode. Also of note for the MST3K viewers are the old Servo and Crow voices. Plus, these have Josh Weinstein as Dr. Forrester’s assistant, and he really can’t hold a candle to TV’s Frank. You have been warned.

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