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Hey! Where’d that corpse go?

The Corpse Vanishes, starring (and I use that word loosely) Bela Lugosi, is a horrible trainwreck of a movie that starts off slow, gets slower in the middle, and if you are not dead from boredom by then, somehow manages to not have a climax at all. Essentially, Lugosi plays a scientist (I know, shocker right?) who kills brides on their wedding day by putting some poison on an orchid, then stealing their corpses on the way to the funeral home. He then uses his scientific powers to suck out their youth – handily located in the neck – and then inject it into his bride to keep her looking young and fresh. Turns out that a plucky young reporter is skeptical of this and tracks down Lugosi, exposes him and eventually does something to kill him or something, I don’t know. Anyway, this movie is bad. Period. If you do watch it, be prepared for long silences and very little riffing as well, seeing as this is a first season episode. Also of note for the MST3K viewers are the old Servo and Crow voices. Plus, these have Josh Weinstein as Dr. Forrester’s assistant, and he really can’t hold a candle to TV’s Frank. You have been warned.

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