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Watch Out For Snakes!

Oh, Canada?

I have no real thoughts on most of Canada, but everyone knows they are super easy to make fun of. In recognition of the Olympics taking place up there, here then, for your enjoyment, is the always popular and hilariously mean Canada Song, as sung by the residents of the greatest Satellite of Love that ever roamed the skies. Click for Canada.

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  1. I’m mad about the comments about the Vancouver “gliches” the first few days.
    Once again I am embarrassed by simplistic American cracks that put others down. It is easy to be a couch potato and “make fun of” others. It’s not “making fun,” it’s a pattern of being mean. In fact in the US being mean to others is big business because the media makes money without working at all. We soak it up so they keep feeding us. In social settings people talk about TV like it’s their real life: “Did you see… No? Well it was about…” I dont’ watch TV and the fact that US Olympic coverage focuses on the “up close & personal” garbage they call “reality”, American medals and American dominated events while abusing viewers with ads is ridiculous. But the money they spend in Canada is probably some compensation.
    They say people get the politicians they deserve, well I guess that applies here because we vote for this comercialized, shallow, and ethnocentric coverage by watching it. (What happened to fair market competition so we can pick our channels – is this capitalism gone too far where the biggest simply takes the prize and the market has nothting to do with it?) What concerns me that it is self reenforcing. The more narrow minded we get here, the more narrow minded we need to be to protect our reality!

    Comment by Pat | February 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hey Pat, fall back. It’s a joke.

    Comment by talkmyshitagain | February 18, 2010 | Reply

  3. Pat, you realize of course that this is a show that takes place in space and that they go stir crazy from the horrible movies that mad scientists send them? Oh yeah, you don’t watch TV! The only reason I approved your comment was to let others see how ridiculous your comment actually is. Thanks, I needed a good laugh today.

    Comment by autopinionsbyvolk | February 18, 2010 | Reply

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