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My Amazon Wish List

Here are some random things that have to do with MST3K that are on Amazon, and that I want.

Volume 5: Need this because it contains some great movies. Not only does it have Time Chasers (one of my all time faves and destined to become a classic), it also contains a hidden gem in Boggy Creek II. Apparently, Boggy Creek I was just a little too high brow for The Mads to send up the umbilicus.

Volume 10.2: Simply put, this contains the film Giant Spider Invasion. Go Packers! Woo, Packers won the Super Bowl! Also, Volume 10.2 contains The Giant Gila Monster, whereas Volume 10 contains Godzilla vs. Megalon instead. Just as an FYI for ya’ll.

Lastly, this poster from the movie. MST3K: The Movie poster, would complete my geeky, nerdy life and make me smile whenever I laid mine eyes upon it. If only I could get it signed as well.

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