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A Not So Short, Short

When talking about MST3K, you must always mention the shorts that they do. These are done for two reasons: 1. They are hilarious. And 2. They are filler for when a movie isn’t long enough to fill up a full hour and a half. The shorts that MST3K have done range from a day on the farm, to learning how to be a better leader and Chevy salesman. My personal favorite is one that almost didn’t see the light of day until it was released in the volume 7 box set. It is called Assignment: Venezuela and is about a man who moves to the country because he works for one of the big oil companies. In this short, he narrates a letter to his family at home about all of the lovely accommodations, the people, the city and how narrow or wide things are. Truly worth your time and a click. Also, if that link doesn’t work for you, it is in three parts on YouTube as well.

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