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Watch Out For Snakes!

Enjoying Your Man Cave

If you are the type who is very much like an unfrozen neanderthal and you happen to live in a cave, then take a look at these tips to help spice up your cave!

1. Kidnap a father/daughter duo. With this installed, you can even try to awkwardly get your groove on with the daughter while the dad encourages.

2. Don’t forget the food. Everyone loves to eat, so be sure to have the most disgustingly large shank of meat possible for all your visitors.

3. Heat. You don’t want your cave to be drafty, so be sure to light a fire and keep hide blankets available.

4. Watch out for snakes.

5. Never invite singing douche bags over. Trust me, they will try to serenade you, but you will have hanged yourself long before they get to the chorus.

6. Art. Draw some really crappy stuff on your walls that look horrible but are sure to elicit some pity and wonder toward you.

If you follow these simple tips, you are guaranteed to have the best Man Cave that you can have.


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  1. Not gonna lie, I got turned on when Eegah was tried to smoosh with dat chick while her dad was watching

    Comment by talkmyshitagain | February 9, 2010 | Reply

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