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A Great Line

Overdrawn At The Memory Bank. This is a movie that stars Raul Julia, was filmed for Public TV and features many scenes dissing baboons. What it also includes is one of the best reads of any line ever. Aram Fingal (Julia) finds that he is bored with his job and escapes into Casablanca as a way to get through the day. He has to then go in for a rehabilitation in which he is put into the body of a baboon – for very unexplained reasons. However, he then gets his body lost because a stupid kid switches colored tags with him and another patient. The giant corporation that he works for then tries to find him and he eventually runs into his mother in his mind. He is supposed to ask her “Am I Nuts?” but the venerable, Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actor, reads his line as “My Nuts?” It is one of the most unexpected and gloriously hilarious moments in the whole series. Also, like I said earlier, this movie really has it in for baboons. Watch and find out for yourself. Click the link for the line!

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