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Which Host?

I’m going to start this post off by posing the question that usually is meant to divide the masses of MSTIES worldwide. Who is the better host: Joel or Mike? Traditionalists usually go for Joel because he started the whole show, brought it to everyone’s attention and was the first person they identified with. Then, during the middle of the fifth season, Joel left the show and Mike took over. For some, this was the turning point of the entire venture and it could do no wrong from here on out. Others viewed Mike as too new and different, and started to be turned off by his style.

I like both of them for their own reasons, but if I had to choose, I would lean more toward Mike being the better host. His segments became more outlandish and weird and that tended to be more identifiable for me. Joel certain has his moments, but his style is much less fun to me. Plus, I discovered the show when it was in its final seasons on the Sci Fi network and that meant that I came up with Mike and the Bots instead of Joel and the Bots. So, who gets it done for you?

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