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Watch Out For Snakes!


Whenever new people ask about MST3k, I have a set list of very high quality episodes that I want them to watch first to get them into the show. The first of these is called Space Mutiny. It is, without a doubt, one of the worst things to have ever been put on film… but in a good way. Let me put it to you this way; there are people on a space ship, there is some sort of mutiny I guess and there is a grandma-daughter. So it all works out in the end.  Oh, and don’t miss the awesomely manly names the boys rattle off as well. Big McLargeHuge is a personal favorite.

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A Great Line

Overdrawn At The Memory Bank. This is a movie that stars Raul Julia, was filmed for Public TV and features many scenes dissing baboons. What it also includes is one of the best reads of any line ever. Aram Fingal (Julia) finds that he is bored with his job and escapes into Casablanca as a way to get through the day. He has to then go in for a rehabilitation in which he is put into the body of a baboon – for very unexplained reasons. However, he then gets his body lost because a stupid kid switches colored tags with him and another patient. The giant corporation that he works for then tries to find him and he eventually runs into his mother in his mind. He is supposed to ask her “Am I Nuts?” but the venerable, Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actor, reads his line as “My Nuts?” It is one of the most unexpected and gloriously hilarious moments in the whole series. Also, like I said earlier, this movie really has it in for baboons. Watch and find out for yourself. Click the link for the line!

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Shout Factory Press Release

Here’s the skinny on the latest MST3K box set:


The loyal MSTies asked for it, and now they’ve finally got it!

featuring the very first nationally aired episode,
and three side-splitting episodes
along with 4 limited-edition mini-posters and bountiful bonus features

In Stores Nationwide March 16, 2010 from Shout! Factory

Welcome to the Satellite of Love, the orbiting home of legendary hosts Joel Robinson and Mike Nelson, along with their robotic companions — Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo and Gypsy. Join them as they embark on their 17th, and perhaps most impressive, volume of gut-busting riffs on the classic cinematic missteps of yesteryear when Shout Factory, in association with Best Brains, Inc., proudly presents Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XVII 4-DVD box set on March 16, 2010. The 17th DVD collection of the famed MST3K features the long-awaited episodes The Crawling Eye, The Final Sacrifice, The Beatniks and Blood Waters of Dr. Z, along with a wealth of bonus content including The Crawling Eye special introduction by Joel Hodgson, Mystery Science Theater Hours wraps on The Beatniks, The Main Event: Crow Vs. Crow at Dragon*Con ’09, a brand-new interview with The Final Sacrifice star Bruce J. Mitchell, Blood Waters of Dr. Z photo gallery, original theatrical trailers and more! This collectible 4- DVD box set is priced to own at $59.97.

Things start to look eerily familiar to scientists Crevett and Brooks when mountain climbers begin losing their heads in the Trollenberg Mountains. Can the two investigators finally uncover the answers they’ve been seeking since encountering similar tragic accidents in the Andes?

The loyal MSTies asked for it, and now they’ve finally got it! The very first episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 following its departure from KTMA is now on DVD, complete with the introductions of Doctors Forrester and Erhardt, Deep 13 and Joel’s very first Invention Exchange seen on the Comedy Channel!

When a hold-up carried out by his two-bit hoodlum friends goes tragically awry, Eddie Crane’s bright future as a recording artist from the mean streets could be in jeopardy.

With a sadistically hilarious game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, a Tony Travis-themed slumber party and a full-fledged dramatization of a nobody’s transformation into a 1950s rock star (and back) starring none other than Tom Servo — Joel and the crew of the SOL certainly know how to usher in this Turkey Day favorite’s DVD debut!

Also includes the second segment of the short “General Hospital.”

With the help of a mysterious map and a truck-driving drifter named Rowsdower, young Troy McGreggor sets out on a dark adventure across Alberta in search of the answers behind the hooded cult responsible for his father’s grisly murder.

MSTies have long believed they’d never see this Tjardus Greidanus–directed student-film-turned-MST3K masterpiece on DVD, so we’re especially proud to serve it up! This long-awaited episode also features “The Canada Song,” a treasured song by Tom Servo in one of the host segments. Join Mike and the ’bots of the Satellite of Love as they skewer the beloved “cult” classic that became one of the most requested episodes in the history of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Seeking revenge against those responsible for stripping him of his tenure and the denial of human research subjects, Dr. Z mutates himself into a hideous — and murderous — half-human-half-fish-like creature!

Mike Nelson and the crew of the Satellite of Love — Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo and Gypsy — take on one of the most laughable treasures ever to grace the MST3K screen with a disgusting new habit for Crow, a day of fishing for the crew and — GASP — an unforgettable appearance by Brain Guy and Bobo!

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 series was created by Joel Hodgson and produced by Jim Mallon. After a year on KTMA TV in Minneapolis, its national broadcast life began in 1989 on the Comedy Channel (later to become Comedy Central), where it ran for seven seasons. The show’s final three seasons aired on the Sci-Fi Channel. The premise of the series features a hapless man who is trapped by mad scientists on a satellite in space and forced to watch old B-movies of questionable worth. To keep sane, he’s built two robot sidekicks, and together they do a running commentary on the films, affectionately mocking their flaws with inspired wisecracks and acting as a demented movie theater peanut gallery. Series creator Hodgson originally played the stranded man, Joel Robinson. When he left in 1993, series head writer Mike Nelson replaced him as the new B-movie victim Mike Nelson, and continued in the role for the rest of the show’s run. The format proved to be popular. During its eleven years and 198 episodes (including one feature film), MST3K attained a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. The series won a Peabody Award in 1993, and was nominated for writing Emmys® in 1994 and 1995.

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New Box Set

Look what just came in the mail for me! It’s the

Mystery Science Theater 3000: XVI [Limited Edition] Box Set!

It contains the movies:

Warrior of the Lost World

Santa Claus

The Corpse Vanishes

Night of the Blood Beast

Suffice it to say that I am very excited about it. Plus, it came with a Servo figurine to go with my Crow! Man, am I a geek or what?!

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Episode Guide

This is what the official MST3K episode guide looks like. I have the same one, except mine is hand signed by Mike Nelson. I had the opportunity to get it signed by almost the entire cast, but I did not bring it to the theater when I should have. Very useful info in this thing, however, it only goes up to the end of season six and the movie.

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Manos: The Hands of Fate

Let’s get down to it then. The movies. Here is just the first of many of the horrible movies that I will be posting about. This one is the always horrible “Manos: The Hands of Fate.” Of course, the title of this movie is already a problem considering Manos in Spanish means hands. Therefore, the title is “Hands: The Hands of Fate.” Well, what do you expect from a director who was formerly a manure farmer? If you want to see some cringe inducing acting, as well as one of the greatest/worst bad guys ever in Torgo, then this movie should be at the top of any fan’s list.

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Which Host?

I’m going to start this post off by posing the question that usually is meant to divide the masses of MSTIES worldwide. Who is the better host: Joel or Mike? Traditionalists usually go for Joel because he started the whole show, brought it to everyone’s attention and was the first person they identified with. Then, during the middle of the fifth season, Joel left the show and Mike took over. For some, this was the turning point of the entire venture and it could do no wrong from here on out. Others viewed Mike as too new and different, and started to be turned off by his style.

I like both of them for their own reasons, but if I had to choose, I would lean more toward Mike being the better host. His segments became more outlandish and weird and that tended to be more identifiable for me. Joel certain has his moments, but his style is much less fun to me. Plus, I discovered the show when it was in its final seasons on the Sci Fi network and that meant that I came up with Mike and the Bots instead of Joel and the Bots. So, who gets it done for you?

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A Little History

I found out about Mystery Science Theater when I was but a young lad. In those heady days, I had no cares, hopes, dreams, aspirations or friends (mostly because of the smell I gave off). But through this wonderful show, I eventually gained all of those things (yes, even friends, nerdy as they might be) and lost my stench. It gave me the confident stride that I now demonstrate when I amble down the road, and the gleam in my smile that is so big and bright. Also, simply by watching and laughing along to the show, I lost over 300 pounds and got rock hard abs. Oh yeah, and I can dunk a basketball now, even though I am white.

This show has done wonderful things for me and I hope that it will do them for you as well.

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